The Cost of Delaying Dental Care

1 in 3 Americans admit to delaying dental care due to their current financial situation. Oddly, most people also know that delaying care will cost them more in the long run. Even knowing that, the large majority of Americans deny … Read More

An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

Fast Dental Facts 5 out of 10 – The number of adults in the United States that can’t accurately identify common dental insurance terms. 6.5 years – The number of years you add to your life by eliminating gum disease. … Read More

Don’t Let Your Insurance Plan Choose Your Dentist!

What are the top 3 factors you consider when selecting your dentist? 1) Trust/Comfort 2) Insurance/Affordability 3) Location/Atmosphere   Insurance is one small component of the aggregate factors most important to YOU. So, why do we all let it drive … Read More